Financial Modeling and AnalyticsΒΆ

These notes are published for use in FIN 4820 with Dr. James Nordlund for Fall 2020.

Notes are first distributed via course lecture videos, so the completed notes here are updated with a delay to encourage class participation.

Advanced levels of this course (offered only to masters students) include different topics from the material included here, and the content varies year-by-year depending on student interest. For example, one semester focused more heavily on option pricing and market sentiment analysis, while another semester emphasized valuation and simulation of pro forma statements.


At LSU, FIN 4820 has two flavors. One, using Python, it taught by Dr. Nordlund. The other, using R, is taught by Dr. Ratnadiwakara. The two flavors are developed independently of each other, focusing on the respective strengths of the language used.

Lecture notes version 0.4.